Vyng May 18 - Signature Video promotion 1

Campaign Details

Vyng is a video ringtones app. It converts user's mobiles ringtones into video songs. Users can customize the videos they want to see on their ringtones. They can subscribe to different listed channels like Punjabi, Bollywood etc where they get to see different videos from these channels on their ringtones or they can upload their own videos.

In this campaign, you need to promote the video in the link given below:


along with our link via~ http://www.fromote.com/#Vyng1 so that our algo can track your promotion

This is a small video which shows a working demo of Vyng. You can promote this Video on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. But Choose only one of the platform. So as an influencer you can select either of the above 3 platforms to promote but not more than 1.

if you are promoting it on Facebook or Youtube, kindly paste this app download link in the description and ask users to download the app from this link:


Also, We are trying to target only Indian users through this campaign. Hence only Indian influencers with majority of followers in India should participate in this campaign.