Use Social Influencers to "Fromote" your Brand

Today, no business can afford to ignore presence on social network. Billions of peoples are on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs etc. These users are spending lot more time on these platforms talking about brands, product, services, their likes, dislikes. Thus, Social network allows you to reach out to large base of potential customers without spending exorbitant amounts of money on advertising. Using social media and social networking is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising methods. No wonder, now significant portion of the advertisement money is spent on social networks.

How to get started?

The question remains that how to advertise on social network such as facebook, Twitter etc. or what is the best social network platform to advertise on? There are many ways a company can reach its users on social networks. One of the most common methods is to create a company page and engaging current customers.

However, on its own, a company page or profile has limited reach in terms of user base that follow updates on it. Also, it is very time consuming. One may use facebook ads or sponsored tweets to promote their company page but these are quite expensive and do not target the right audience. The best way is to use Social Influencers who can promote your brand organically to his followers.

Social Influencers are people who have huge and active followers. This may be someone who is deemed an expert in a certain area, or who happens to be very popular. Sachin Tendulkar is an example of someone with far-reaching impact, since one recommendation from him can get millions of people to learn more about a product or service. However, finding them individually on your own and as per your requirement is a tedious task.

How to find them? is an online platform that have large number of verified social influencers, who are from varied fields and have large fan following. Influencers such as celebrities, experts, bloggers, etc who are ready to do marketing campaign in cost effective manner are listed on

Brands can browse their profile & links of their social media profiles and hire them, as per their fit for marketing campaign. Alternatively, brands can post an advertisement campaign on to get bids from various influencers, and choose them as per their target segment. Fromote also helps brands to customize social marketing campaign and to work with famous celebrities.