Stay Home Protest to Stop Donald Trump: Friday, December 16th

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This is call for a Stay Home Protest on Friday, Dec 16th. This is a symbolic act of civic non-compliance aimed at the Electoral College. The electors are the last chance we have. We are asking the electors to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

A blog with details can be found at:

On Twitter we want you target communities using the following hashtags.

#FaithlessElectors  #StopTrump #NotMyPresident #ElectoralCollege
#AskTheElectors  #Resistance  #resist #signthepetition

Here is some example tweets (the full URL  is

#SignThePetition and back it up with Stay Home Protest Dec 16th, implore #ElectoralCollege to #StopTrump more  at ~via
Please join our #ElectoralCollege protest proposal and help retweet!  @asktheelectors ~via
plz RTWT Safe action Dec 16th of real #resistance #StopTrump ~via