Social media Promotion of Traditional Indian snacks

Campaign Details

We have a strong presence in traditional Indian snacks like Matri, Namkeen, Kachori, Wafers, Chips, and many more varieties. These products are all made with modern machines, using quality products, and under strict supervision. Untill now, we are selling our products using retail chains in urban region and also supplies to some brands who sell it under their name. We would like to make our name in the market and intend to provide Quality products at reasonable cost. Therefore, we have just launched a portal to reach & serve large consumer base in India, US, Canada, and UK, and other countries.

Influencers- facebook, twitter, blogs, instagram- who have presence in the above mentioned regions and think have indian followers are invited to bid.

I would prefer to do one time marketing with different influencers and depending on the response will decide further on long term contract.