Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media marketing requires a delicate balance of advertisement and engagement to be successful. This balance can be achieved in a number of ways, but common pitfalls can derail your marketing plan and reduce the results obtained from your efforts. You’ll never gain the audience desired if you failing to create and share the right kind of content with the right people. In fact, certain types of missteps could result in the loss of 45 percent of your followers. Here are some social media marketing mistakes to avoid when crafting and implementing your marketing plan.


Social Media Marketing Mistake 1 – Failing To Dedicate Enough Energy To Building An Audience

Social media marketing requires time and dedication to build an audience to distribute your marketing content to. Some people believe that all they must do is create a Facebook page or a Twitter account and the rest of the pieces will fall into place. The truth is that an audience is only acquired through creating compelling content consistently that your current audience is willing to share with others who are not yet part of your audience. Take advantage of the power of social media by investing time and money into your social media marketing strategy.

<b>Social Media Marketing Mistake 2 – Not Being Social Enough</b>

Nobody likes to interact with a social media presence that is rarely social. If you embark on a social media marketing strategy, ensure that you stay engaged so that potential and existing customers will also stay engaged. One of the primary goals of a social media marketing strategy is to keep your brand in the minds of your followers. Take advantage of your social media accounts by retweeting, sharing, and responding to your followers.

<b>Social Media Marketing Mistake 3 – Inconsistent Marketing Content</b>

While different social media platforms will call for slightly different methods of providing your marketing message to the masses, the messages across all platforms should be consistent with your brand’s core marketing message. People today often use more than one social media platform, so if the brand is saying one thing on one platform and something inconsistent on another platform, eagle-eyed consumers are sure to notice it and bring it to the attention of the company as well as everyone else that may be following the brand. This could create an embarrassing and confusing situation that could damage the brand’s reputation. Check your social media marketing messages for consistency before releasing them on the social media sites.