#Obesidat - Facebook Influencers - One Day Promotion Only

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Hi Team,

(Please read full description before posting and paost as per instructions only).
Looking for one day Facebook influencers to post about my product on Monday 28/11/2016, only one day.

Note:  influencers need to post on only Monday, 28/11/2016 next day not accepted.
Looking  for 50+ influencers.

Post Details:
Hashtag: #Obesidat
Images link: http://designredesign.net/OBE/img/
Descriptions and how to post doc: http://designredesign.net/OBE/img/Howtopost.docx
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEpoOnCZAGw
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/obesidat/

Influencers can take images from the url. We have more than 20 posts related to our product they can post any one of our images with description.

Descriptions they can download from the url in that document we explained how to post each image with descriptions.

Influencers just open the word document "Howtopost.docx" then copy and past any one post. Make sure that you include link to our videos, our hashtag and image.

We are looking for these activities every week, so if you guys give good output the we will continue our all projects every week with you.