Influencer Marketing to be affected by Facebook’s New Policy?

Facebook’s new policy says that users will see fewer overly promotional posts in their News Feeds i.e. Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time. Specifically, facebook will be making it harder for posts that push products or app installs, offer entry to promotions or sweepstakes or re-use the same content from advertisements to make it into the News Feed. However, it is still unclear how they are going to determine which posts are overly promotional and how this can be done efficiently at scale.        

This new policy clearly means that if brands want to reach users, they have to increase ad spending with facebook. This will result in more people using paid ads, which mean more competition among advertisers to appear in the news feed of the user thus more money required in the budget to even get your paid ads seen.

What are marketers supposed to do now?

The best way to beat this facebook’s new policy is to use Influencer marketing i.e. partner with Scoial Influencers & Bloggers who have large number of followers and get them to post the brand’s content. These influencers could be general page, opinion leaders, experts, professionals, bloggers etc. Engaging social media influencers allows you to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, increase online reputation etc. Partnering with influencers from the same industry has long been a successful marketing strategy - big brands have been marketing with sports figures and celebrities for decades.  

Also, Influencers post ad content as their own status updates and it directly reaches their followers’ facebook wall or news feed, thus giving a higher visibility to the brand.

How to find and work with Influencers?

The number of tools for finding influencers has been growing over the past few years, without really convincing PR and marketing agencies, many of whom still favour a “manual” approach. However, now this entire process has been automated by a new platform Fromote which has already helped more than 100 brands to reach their target audience with the help of 2000 influencers (having reach of over 100 million) registered with them. An advertiser has to simply create a campaign mentioning the content and instructions for the influencers and fund that campaign. The influencers promote it on their social network and provide the URL and screenshot of the promotion. They are rewarded by the platform’s proprietary algorithm on basis of reach of the influencer, relevance to the campaign and the buzz created by the influencer.  The advertiser is in total control of the campaign at all times as he can check what content has been promoted, by whom, where and at what cost. It can help the brands to promote their content in an effective manner as many influencers can together target the long tail and get the required exposure for the brand.

Conclusion: The facebook’s new policy will certainly affect the advertisements but will not be able to change anything in influencer marketing industry and it will continue to thrive in future as well.