What is Fromote.com?
Fromote helps brands to leverage the power of social influencers. We create a win win situation for Advertisers as well as Influencers. Advertisers are able to reach masses and make their campaign go viral at a very low cost and Influencers earn money to blog, tweet, share images / videos or post status updates.

Fromote is India’s first online marketplace of influencers present on various social networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, etc. Fromote makes it easy for advertisers to promote their brand or run their social marketing campaigns through a network of influencers at a very low cost.

For Influencers
Who are Social Influencers?
Social Influencers are people who have huge and active followers. This may be someone who is deemed an expert in a certain area, or who happens to be very popular. Sachin Tendulkar is an example of someone with far-reaching impact, since one recommendation from him can get millions of people to learn more about a product or service.

How does the platform works for Social Influencers?
Formote.com helps Social influencers to monetize their reach. Advertisers create their projects (ad campaigns) and Influencers bid on them. In order to bid, a social influencer must create his profile with details of his social networks and reach on each of them so that advertiser can review and select influencers accordingly.

Is there any eligibility criteria for Social influencers to create profile or bid on the projects?
No. there is no criteria but fromote.com reserves the right to restrict any user if he is found to be be misusing the website.

Who can register as a Social Influencer?
Any person / business who has presence on social media with large fan following can register with Fromote.com as a Social influencer.

Is creating profile mandatory?
Yes. Your profile helps advertiser to evaluate whether you are the right influencer to promote their product / service based on the profile of followers on your social network.

Do Social Influencers have to compulsory work with any brands that select them?
It is not compulsory to work with every brand that wants to hire you. Work with the brand you admire and share your audience voice.

Can I create customised offers to brands?
Yes. You can show your customised offers on your profile.

What is minimum Advertising price?
There is no minimum advertising price on Fromote.com. You are free to decide your advertising price.

Is there any fee charged to make profiles and bid on the projects?
No. Creating profile and bidding on projects is absolutely free.

How much does fromote.com deduct from my earnings on the website?
Currently, there is no fixed fee to use fromte.com. We charge only 20% fee of the total money paid to you by an Advesrtiser. It is a win-win situation as fromote.com earns only when you earn.

What is the guarantee of payments?
For your own safety, you must tell the advertiser to deposit the required amount in escrow with fromote.com as soon as they hire you. This escrow amount will reflect in your fromote.com account.

How & When I get paid?
Advertisers release the money from escrow to you upon completion of the project. You can withdraw money through paypal from your fromote.com account anytime you like.

Is the platform secure?
Yes. We use Paypal payment gateway which is secure and safe.

Why prices are mentioned in US Dollars?
Fromote.com is a global platform as we get advertisers and influencers from all over the world, therefore we use a global currency i.e. USD

For Advertisers
Who can advertise?
Brands / Individuals / Businesses / Anybody who wants to reach wider audience on social networks in cost effective way may use fromote.com

How does the platform works for advertisers?
Advertisers post advertising / promotion projects to get bids from social influencers. Advertisers can view profile of social influencers and award project as per their requirements.

Is there any minimum advertising budget criteria?
There is no minimum budget criteria. Please mail us at info@fromote.com if you have a budget of more than $5000 so that we can also provide a relationship manager to manage your campaigns, hire influencers etc as per your requirements.

What is the process to work with celebrities?
If you have a budget of $100 per tweet / status update, then please mail the details of your campaign at info@fromote.com and we shall share it with selected celebrities catering to your niche.

What if the Influencer does not advertise as agreed?
Do not release the escrow to the influencer till the time you are happy with the promotion done by him for your brand. Try to resolve differences mutually with the influencer, however, please feel free to mail us at info@fromote.com if you need any help from our side.

Is there any time limit to select Influencers who bid on the advertising project?
You decide the time for which the project is open for bidding by the Influencers. You may extend it by editing the project.

Can I cancel or change Influencers, once hired and the payment is transferred to escrow account?
Yes. If advertisers and influencers mutually agree not to work on a project.

How can I pay to Influencers using Fromote.com?
Advertisers need to escrow money with fromote.com at the time of awarding project to the Influencer. As soon as project is completed by the Influencer and you are satisfied with the work done by him, you may release the escrow money to him.

Are there any fixed charges to post a project on Fromote.com?
Currently, there is no fixed fee for using Fromote.com. It is absolutely free for you.

Is the platform secure?
Yes. We are using Paypal payment gateway which is secure and safe.

Why prices are mentioned in US Dollars?
Fromote.com is a global platform as we get advertisers and influencers from all over the world, therefore we use a global currency i.e. USD

In case of any other query, please email us at info@fromote.com