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1. #Avril Quadros, popularly known as Avril Q, is a life coach, working towards the betterment of people’s lives. Avril, having studied under great living masters has put into action principals and philosophy into helping people live “their best life”. She originally belongs to Mangalore but currently she is based in Bangalore. She believes in marching into life with all its ups and downs, along with all its surprises and test the limitless possibilities that it offers. Her mantra is, “I’ m Possible” because NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.

2. #Avril Q, the founder and L3 coach at AVRILs’ Qs’ is a very talented trainer who is taking the internet by storm with her tailor made course ‘to get results that show’. #Avril says, “So, in order to reach a wider audience, in India and worldwide, I have created my company AVRILs’ Qs’ online and I also work with schools, corporates, groups of like-minded people and one on one private clients and tailor make courses for them to allow them to LIVE LIFE LARGE because they deserve to be “nothing but the best”.

3. MIND – BODY – SOUL. #Avril Q is well versed in the functioning of these three. She has spent the last decade in learning and training under the best teachers from around the world and equipped herself to become a L3 coach. She emphasizes that it is of utmost importance to work on the 3 aspects of you – MIND – BODY – SOUL. Avril Q says, “I don’t claim to know it all but I do know how far I’ve come in my life”.

4. #Avril accentuates why it is essential to invest in yourself. She says, “I had not even a single hand holding or helping me and I had to invest hundreds of dollars, even borrowing money and maxing out my credit cards just to invest in myself, which I believe is the most important thing you can do for yourself and the best gift you can give to yourself”. So, hurry up and register for a monthly membership and experience the transformation of your life.

5. #Avril’s fully interactive and comprehensive website, http://avrilsqs.com/ , gives a deep insight to her work. There are courses for Kundalini awakening, Tantra meditation, Body and spirit, Mind training etc. The three to thrive section gives a glimpse of how to transform the three areas of life- Mind, Body and Soul. It is said that a person is complete only if he/she is thriving in the 3 main areas of life. For more information, please visit the website and gain the knowledge of spiritual and mental awakening.

6. #Avril gives a holistic and comprehensive set of self-development courses. On her website, http://avrilsqs.com/, several online courses can be availed. These are Life coach online training classes, Success coach online training, Self-development online classes, Personal development online course, Personality development courses etc. All these courses can be taken in Bangalore. Her website also has a section called Daily dose, a segment that is always evolving and changing to bigger, better and varied information to help you on your journey to Live Life Large.

7. Apart from all her online life coaching courses, #Avril is an avid blogger. Go to her website http://avrilsqs.com/blog/ , for enticing and helpful blogs. The articles are expertly categorized into nine categories. Among her most recent articles are:

 6 Weight Loss Motivation Tricks That Actually Work
 6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Your Marriage stronger
 6 Easy Ways to Create Joy Today
 Creative Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Loved Ones
So, visit her website and do not forget to leave your comments in the box. Happy reading!

FaceBook Comments:
1. Loved your video on Life coaching. The highpoint was the react or respond quiz.
2. Thank you for your liberating videos. 
3. Loved your blog on easy ways to create joy!
4. You are awesome #Avril! Thank you for being an excellent life coach.
5. Looking forward to your training sessions. Can’t wait! 
6. An artistic singer, talented life coach and a creative blogger. She there something that you can’t do? Lots of love to you. Keep shining!!
7. Your videos are simply splendid…..

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