How Celebrities earn $10,000 from a single tweet on Social Media

Kim Kardashain rocked the online world when she charged $10,000 for a single tweet of 160 characters i.e. $62.5 for typing one character! Many brands have started hiring celebrities to promote their products and they are paid in high 4 figures (in dollars). Some of the highest paid celebrities active on social media charge as follows:

“Fromote” your brand with Influencer Marketing

Ajay Verma, a digital marketer was disappointed with the results he got when he used facebook ads to promote his client’s brand on social media. Therefore he started looking for alternatives and found a marketplace for influencers. It helps advertisers in promoting their brand organically to the right target audience through a network of social influences at a very low cost!

$5 credit to Influencers to "fromote" our website on Social Networks

We are pleased to offer a special $5 credit for the influencers who promote our website on their social networks.

Just follow these 2 simple steps and you are done!

1. We are offering $5 credit to social influencers (having atleast 5000 fans) who mention our website (preferably along with our logo) 3 times in a week on their blog / facebook page / twitter or any other social network. You can also post any of the articles from this blog on your site (only once) to avail this credit.

Use Social Influencers to "Fromote" your Brand

Today, no business can afford to ignore presence on social network. Billions of peoples are on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs etc. These users are spending lot more time on these platforms talking about brands, product, services, their likes, dislikes. Thus, Social network allows you to reach out to large base of potential customers without spending exorbitant amounts of money on advertising. Using social media and social networking is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising methods.


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