“Fromote” your brand with Influencer Marketing

Ajay Verma, a digital marketer was disappointed with the results he got when he used facebook ads to promote his client’s brand on social media. Therefore he started looking for alternatives and found fromote.com a marketplace for influencers. It helps advertisers in promoting their brand organically to the right target audience through a network of social influences at a very low cost! The advantage over facebook ads is that these promotions appear directly in the newsfeed as a regular update and not as an advertisement; therefore people are more likely to notice them. Secondly, as it comes from an influencer i.e. a person whom people trust therefore it has higher impact as compared to a regular advertisement.

Who are social influencers?

Celebrities, experts, bloggers, companies, magazines, etc., who have large followers on various social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, blogs etc and are able to influence their followers to act in a certain manner are known as influencers.

How it works?

Influencers create their profile and enter details of their social networks such as target country / age / network / category etc. On the other hand, advertisers post their advertising campaigns as projects. Influencers bid on these projects and Advertisers review their profile to identify the right influencer for their brand. Influencers are free to decide which brands to work with, choose content that would best suit their audience and pricing etc. Advertisers award the project to the influencer and deposit money in the escrow. Influencer completes the work and requests for release of escrow. Both of them also rate each other and these ratings serve as future guide for other advertisers / influencers.

Fromote acts as a platform for influencer marketing on social media as it provides large number of influencers from different social networking platforms at one place. Thus, Brands get easy access to social influencers who are ready to work on their marketing campaigns and save their time and money.

How much does it cost?

The beauty of the platform is that there is no minimum budget required for brands to start an influencer marketing campaign. Advertisers can start with one influencer with as low as $2 and can hire more influencers as required. As of now, joining fromote is absolutely free of cost. Social Influencers can sign up and create profile, mentioning links of their presence on different social networks and Advertisers can simply sign up and start posting their advertising campaign free of cost!


Fromote is disrupting the digital advertising space as it is a self-service platform that simplifies social media campaigns by providing targeted match-making between brands and influencers. It helps social influencers to monetize their online reach & content; and brands to get easy and cheaper access to large users on social networks through influencers. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!